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Stryker HeartSine Defibrillator

Looking to Hire / Rent an AED (Defibrillator) for your next Event or for use within your Workplace, Sporting club or Community Group?

The Onset Health First Aid Shop has you covered!

All defibrillators (AEDs) hired out by the  Onset Health First Aid Shop are complete packages! Yep, complete, so included as a minimum:

  • AED unit
  • Patient preparation kit
  • Adult pads
  • Battery
  • Users guide
  • Online education access if needed
  • CPR laminated wall chart
  • AND Access to our clinical support 24/7!

The majority of our hire units are the well-known, respected and proven Heartsine AED – Fully Automatic.

* Note: However, Brands / Models may vary due to stock availability

NOTE! All defibrillators (AEDs) hired out by the Onset Health are complete packages! Yep, complete, so included as a minimum: AED unit, patient preparation kit, adult pads, battery, users guide, online education access if needed and DRSABCD Card. 

The majority of our hire units are the well known, respected and proven Heartsine AED – Fully Automatic.

  • When the Fully Automatic AED Plus detects a shockable heart rhythm, it delivers the shock on its own – there is no need for the rescuer to push the shock button.
  • After analysing a shockable rhythm the device counts down from 3 using visual and audio prompts and then informs the rescuer that a shock has been delivered.
  • The Fully Automatic AED Plus allows the rescuer to focus solely on delivering effective CPR using Heartsine AED’s


How To Book an AED Hire:

How To Book 

  • Enter desired HIRE Dates below
  • Choose any Accessories for an added cost (if required)
  • Click BOOK NOW and the Hire will be added to the Cart
  • Click on CART to process prompts for payment


Day Based Pricing

1 – 7 Days  $    31.00 Per Day
8 – 14 Days  $    25.00 Per Day
15 – 30 Days  $    17.00 Per Day
31 – 60 Days  $    10.30 Per Day
61 – 90 Days  $      6.50 Per Day

If you require hire longer than 90 days, please phone 0487 454 445 for a quote.

Additional Add Ons Available

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Portable, compact, emergency eye flushing for hazardous workplaces.

Tackle Box First Aid Kit

Convenient managed rental service ensures WHS compliance with lifetime refills.

CARDIACT Standard AED Cabinet

Be equipped to handle cardiac arrest in your workplace. Maintained for you.