Onset Health Services is a specialist company providing medical services to Australia’s film and television productions.

Whether you require a registered Paramedic, Nurse, Medical Consultant, or Ambulance equipment for filming, Onset Health Services is a one-stop-shop for your production.

We also have a range of Ambulances for standby services and high-risk stunts, as well as access to a wide range of on-camera Ambulances dating from the 1950s – 2010 for use in your production.

Film and TV
Onset Health Ambulance

”As of December 2018, Paramedicine became the 10th registered profession in Australia.”

Note: Effective from December 2018, all of On-Set Health’s Paramedics and Nurses are registered under the AHPRA board of Australia. Use the link to the left to see if your Paramedic or Nurse is licensed to practice.

Qualified Professionals:

All of our Paramedics and Nurses are registered Under (APHRA) Board of Australia and have all worked in front-line Emergency services.

Insured Service

All our employees are covered by both Indemnity and public liability insurance.
    $1,000,000 Professional Indemnity,
$10,000,000 of Public & Products Liability

Wealth Of Experience

Our Team have a combine medical knowledge base of well over 50yrs and have been sharing it with the  Film/TV and Art sector for the last 3yrs.

Service Guarantee

Our guarantee is a promise that we will perform at a certain level. If that level is not met, the We promises to compensate you as the customer in some way.

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