Guide to Storing Your First Aid Supplies

A person can get injured at any time and in any place. Having a first aid kit available can help keep a bad situation from becoming much worse. For example, receiving immediate first aid for a cut can control blood loss, and receiving CPR or treatment with an AED after a heart attack can prevent death or long-term disability.

It’s important to know what you should have in a first aid kit and where and how to store your supplies. Here are some tips and guidelines.

What a First Aid Kit Should Contain

At a minimum, a first aid kit should include basic supplies, such as a variety of bandagesgauzetapetweezersantiseptic ointment, gloves, burn creamhot and cold packs, and CPR face shields. You may want to consider purchasing an AED so that if someone suffers cardiac arrest, another individual can provide care before an ambulance arrives.

How You Should Store First Aid Supplies

The supplies in your first aid kit need to be protected from damage. Moisture and extreme temperatures can cause many of the supplies in a first aid kit to become less effective, or even useless. First aid supplies should be stored in a kit or container that will protect them so they will be in good condition when they’re needed.

first aid cabinet can be mounted on a wall in a central location in your home or business so that supplies will be readily available whenever they’re required. You can store a portable first aid kit in a car or a boat and take it along on a camping trip or another type of outdoor activity.

metal first aid kit or cabinet is durable and can protect its contents from harm. If you need a kit for an area with limited space, such as a vehicle, you can put first aid supplies in another type of container, such as a plastic box or even a strong, resealable plastic bag.

Order a First Aid Kit or Extra Supplies

Onset Health offers a wide range of products that can help you be prepared to deal with the unexpected. We sell first aid kits and cabinets in various sizes. You can purchase a small kit for each of your family’s or company’s vehicles, as well as one or larger cabinets that can be stored in a convenient location at your home or business. If you need to replace supplies that have been used or that have expired, you can purchase refills. Place an order with Onset Health today.

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