Onset Health Services has a range of Ambulance and Hospital Rental items available for the Film and Tv industry. All our hire items are maintained to the highest standard. We provide rentals Australia Wide. We offer flexible Hire terms to suit your needs, whether it’s short-term, long-term or ongoing Hire solutions.

We have a vast array of Hire items, with our most popular items listed on our website. If you can’t find a particular item, or need assistance deciding which item will best suit your needs best, please email us. 

Whether you’re a Short Film, Tv Show, Tv Commerical, Still Shoot, Theatre Production or Feature Film, we will be able to assist.




We have developed a seemless way to hire our equipment but also being able to add additional products at the same time for a seemless checkout experience. Simply find all the items and hires you require from us this maybe include First Aid supplies, Medical services and Hiring equipment and add them to the checkout cart, Hire items will have instructions on there product page, how to provide us with all the additional information we will require.  

1. All our Hire products are based on a 8 hour hire day. Equipment is only available for hire to TV and Film productions companies.

2. Simply select all your items, add them to your cart and checkout. We will be in contact if there any issues with your items or hires.

3. Email – if you have any special requirements and need a tailored Quote or shooting schedule please email us by clicking here

Please Note:

If your unable to add hire items to your cart it means there already currently on lease, under going maintenance or currently out of service, we will not over hire any of our items, and will only relist the items once there back in our possession and actually ready for hire again. 

Hiring Suggestions – Please feel free to contact us if you have any hiring suggestions you might want us to look into, as we will grow as you do.